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Goldex Telecom Limited is one of the international telecommunication company that conduct business worldwide.

Our Solution

Why Goldex Telecom

  • Daily, Weekly, Biweekly and Monthly Payments
  • Wire Bank
  • Over 1000 Terminations With Easy Access
  • Live Active Calls With Simple Panel
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support Convenience

Fast & Secured Payments

Goldex Telecom has provided to its customers many ways to pay by bank and payment via electronic banking in order to facilitate its customers to receive their money.
Goldex Telecom also given to customers in the implicity of the payments and provided them to pay a daily, weekly, monthly and after two months to provide mutual trust and facilitated in future transactions depending on the customer convenience.

Increase Sales & Profit

Goldex Telecom provided to its customers easy access to distributors System in order to allow them to increase their sales and their customers and profits. Guide them to their payments and payments for their clients and give authority to the existence of a tree of custom-convenience.

Customer Live Support

Goldex Telecom provided to its customers a free system to display the audio files, and automatic request to international premium rate numbers and give customers a simple and follow-up to clients throughout the day. There is team work of goldex Telecom, 24 hours a week to serve our customers in sales, payments or other inconvenience.

Our Product

Goldex Telecom Limited clearly knows how important a website is for running the business. We offer Domain Name, Hosting Space, Website Design, and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with competitive price in two different packages; Package A and Package B. Click the See Our Product button to register!